Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life as usual

This last week has been busy...trying to get everyone used to having a schedule again. I regret that I am one of those terrible moms who does a dance when school finally starts again. I like being back to a normal routine. My favorite time of day is that hour or two in the afternoon before the boys come home & Chloe is taking her nap when Cameron & I can play or read or just veg out. It's awesome! I am doing a preschool group with some other moms, so Cameron will start having somewhere to go twice a week. I only have to teach one week out of six, so it shouldn't be too bad.
We had a pirate birthday party for Cameron on wednesday. He had a few of his friends come over. They decorated swords with stickers (and jewels for the girls), decorated cupcakes, played a pirate game...all the regular stuff. Cam got alot of fun presents. We got him the tiger snake webkin he has been wanting and a Hot Wheels set that does a bunch of stunts. Chase and Cole had fun playing with that too. With his money from Grandma Judy he decided to buy another webkin (a Grey arabian horse), which we hope she'll find more tolerable than the snake! We went to a Chukars game in IF later that night too. We all had a good time.

Chase is knee deep into football season (he's #7 ...2nd smallest guy) & Cole starts Flag football next week. We are all looking forward to our Disneyland vacation October 9-13. We're taking Gavin Crapo with us now because his parents are going to Haiti during that time . Cameron is excited to have a ride buddy & we're glad to be able to help ease their minds that he'll be staying with someone who understands his Diabetes.

Did I mention Chloe went to nursery today?! She went right in & played for a while, but then had a gran mal meltdown. Grandma went in to sing with the nurseryites & she calmed down, but apparently she climbed up & stood on the table while the other kids were trying to enjoy their animal crackers. Who is her mother?! So I guess we've got some social issues to go over with her. She is kinda spoiled rotten, but I'll try. She actually let me do her hair today. It was pretty cute at 1:30 not quite as cute, but we'll give an A for effort. Labor day is tomorrow & we're going to try to go to the fair if the rain holds off. Then we'll be back to life as usual!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Joining the Ranks

Last night we had an interesting experience. We were having dinner at our friends Lindsay & Trevor Crapo's house & their son Gavin (4 1/2 yrs old) wet his pants. Lindsay said that he had been wetting the bed too & had started wetting his pants the last couple weeks. After a few more questions, we decided they ought to check his blood sugar to rule out Diabetes. Dean checked him & the meter read HI, which means over 600 (normal is about 100). We checked him two more times with the same result and sent them to the ER. The monitor at the hospital said he was over 1000! The poor kid has Diabetes:( So all those old memories came rushing back. It has been 11 years this month since Chase was diagnosed. My heart is aching for the Crapos right now. Love you guys!

Crazy Times!

So much has happened since the last post. Chase and Cole started school on Thursday, August 21. That was also Cole's 9th birthday. We had a party for him on Friday night & we went back to Jensen's Grove for a water party. Cole brought nine friends and 8 cousins! It was wild. Here are some pics of the first day of school and the birthday party.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Fun

The boys spent most of their time building sand castles with their buddies the Ballards.

We spent the afternoon yesterday at Jensen's Grove in Blackfoot. It was a beautiful day & the water was nice and high. We're going back next week one last time before school starts.


Last night we got to run up to Idaho Falls and meet our new nephew/cousin Cooper Glenn Leavitt. He is sooo cute, sooo sweet & sooo big! He was born 9lb 4 oz & 22 inches long! Cole especially loved holding the baby. I got to make the cute burp rag behind Cole & a matching rag quilt. So fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

We're Back!

Our vacation in Park City was great! Our suite at the resort was awesome! We stayed in a very fancy cottage full of granite and tile with leather furniture, a hot tub on the deck, and an amazing view! It was definitely the nicest place we've ever stayed. We did some shopping on Friday. Dean golfed and I had a massage and pedicure on Saturday before we hit the outlets. We ended the night with a nice dinner at The Mustang in downtown Park City with all of Dean's coworkers from Idaho & Utah. There was alot of free time for me to read & Dean to nap. It is amazing how laid back life can be when someone else is footing the bill & the kids are at Grandma's. On the way home we stopped at Olympic Village & saw the US national ski jumping team practicing jumping off jumps into a swimming pool. We did an alpine slide and coaster & then went for the "world's longest and fastest zip line". The anticipation was awesome, but the actual ride wasn't nearly the rush I thought it would be. We might have to go for the sky diving like Ryan and Katie one of these days!

The kids had fun at Grandma & Grandpa Leavitt's. They went swimming twice & got spoiled (the usual!) It is good to be home with them. We are so excited to meet our new little nephew Cooper. He was born on Friday- over 9 lbs! You can see pictures of him on Danny & Johanna's Blog. We are hoping to go up there tonight after Chase's football practice.
There are only 10 days left until school starts, so hopefully we can fit some fun activities into what time we have left!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Everyday Stuff

We have been fighting a stomach bug the last couple of weeks. Chloe was sick most of last week and Cameron started with it yesterday. Unfortunately, I am starting to feel a little uneasy myself....just in time! Of course I'm getting sick the day before Dean and I are supposed to go to Park City for a weekend Spa/Golf getaway courtesy of Takeda Pharmaceuticals. SOOOOOO I'm popping the Pepto Bismol & trying to get it out of my system before Friday (tomorrow)morning when we're supposed to leave. Many thanks to Cal & Judy Leavitt who volunteered to take the kids for the weekend. Good luck to Danny & Johanna who are scheduled to have a new baby while we're away! We're excited to meet him when we get back! This is a photo I stole from Angela Nelson's blog (they're going too) of the resort in Park City where we'll be staying.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Chloe's Vocabulary- 17 mos

All of the sudden Chloe is saying so many things. A few weeks ago all she ever said was "shoe"! As of today, here is a list of the things she says: Thank you- "teettoo", Ball- "Baa", Bottle-"Baa--Baa", Blanket "B", Baby- "Beebee", water- "Waa", Jump(off the stairs, on the tramp, etc)-"Dumpy dumpy du", Daddy- "Dedeeeeee", Hot- "Ha", "Uh-Oh", Peek-a-boo- "teetaboo", Doggy-"Doddy", Did I mention "shoe"? and of course, "NO!" When we say bye-bye or night-night she blows kisses too! We love having our little girl!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here we go!

I have been attempting to get this blog together all summer, but I kept getting frustrated that I couldn't make it exactly how I wanted. Anyway, I finally decided that the design of the blog isn't really the's just about keeping a log of our memories and activities. So here we go! I can't believe school is going to start again in 18 days! Cole is excited because it starts on his 9th birthday & he has never been able to bring treats to school on his actual birthday. He played baseball and flag football this summer & will play fall flag football too. He's really getting big (much to Chase's dismay...they're almost the same size!) & he's a funny kid.

Chase just got back yesterday from his 4th trip to Camp Hodia. For those who don't know it's a summer camp for kids with Diabetes. He LOVES it! He came home filthy but happy, so a few pairs of ruined socks are OK. He's playing tackle football on the Cowboys again. He'll be 12 on October 3rd & he's excited that we are planning a trip to Disneyland that week. The other kids keep reminding him that it is not for his birthday just because it falls on his birthday. If it makes him happy to think it's for him, that's fine with me.

Cameron has a birthday this month too. He'll be 5 on the 27th. Even though he is really smart and social, we decided to let him do one more year of preschool before he starts kindergarten. He tells everyone "My mom doesn't want me to be the littlest kid in school." It's so cute. He played t-ball this summer too.

Chloe is 17 months old now. The countdown to nursery has begun! She is full of mischief (she climbs like a ninja!) & she is starting to communicate really well too. She gets really mad when we can't figure out what she wants though. Right now I have no idea what she's screaming about!

Dean is as busy as ever. He decided to buy a lawn mowing business, so we are both learning about being employers and small business owners. His employees mow full time M-F & then he mows on Saturdays. It has been working out pretty well, but taxes, workman's comp, etc are all pretty eye-opening!

I have started jogging again & hope to run a 10K this fall. My jogging partner and I are shooting for a half-marathon eventually, but who knows when I'll be ready for that. Mostly I spend my days trying to maintain my sanity while shuttling the kids wherever they need to be. Now I'll keep trying to figure out all the fundamentals of blogging. Any advice would be appreciated.