Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Christmas letter

December 16, 2008
Dear Friends and Family,
Merry Christmas! I’m not sure what happened to that time that is usually between thanksgiving and Christmas, but it has been wild around here. A small flood Thanksgiving weekend threw us into a whirlwind remodel/redecorate, which we’re still finishing up. As always, 2008 was busy for the Leavitt crew.
Chloe is 22 months old and has grown by leaps and bounds! Her favorite things include Dora “DEDO”, Scooby-Doo “doobydoobydoo-are-ooo”, and her Daddy! She has been so fun this year. We are still in awe of how different little girls are!
Cameron is 5 years old now! When people ask him if he’s in Kindergarten he tells them “my mom didn’t want me to be the li’lest kid in the class”. Well, that’s true since his B-day is August 27th. He’s such a fun kid to have around. His favorite things are Webkinz, Webkinz, and did I mention Webkinz? (they are stuffed animals with a code to use on their website to care for them, buy them things, etc). Cameron goes to preschool 2 days a week as part of a mom-share group. He loves it when it’s at our house! He is also days away from losing his first tooth!
Cole is 9 and in the 3rd grade. He played baseball and 2 seasons of flag football this year. Right now he is starring in a Christmas play at Mystique Theater in a part he shares with Chase. It’s fun to watch him ham it up on stage. He has lots of friends he plays with, but also values his quiet time at home. His favorite thing this year was our Disneyland Vacation this fall!
Chase turned 12 this year! He got a suit for his birthday & he looks so grown up in it (although he is definitely the shortest Deacon at church). He attended Camp Hodia for kids with diabetes for the 4th year. He played basketball in the winter and football in the fall. He was fortunate to be a part of undefeated teams in both sports. In football they won the championship game in the Holt Arena (Mini Dome)! He got his first deer this fall too!
Dean continues to work as a pharmaceutical rep for Takeda and as the Scoutmaster in the ward. He attended Scout Camp for the 4th year in a row this summer! Now that Chase is a scout, he figures he might as well keep the job and go with our boys for the next 10 years too! He bought and ran a lawn care company which took a lot of time. We looked forward to the snow for a much-needed break! He loves to hunt and fish and spend time with the kids.
I am enjoying staying home with the kids and working occasionally as a Dental Hygienist. I work as a teacher in Relief Society once a month which is a fun calling! Dean and I have had fun singing in the community choir together. I am enjoying jogging again and am planning to run my first half-marathon in Ogden in the spring. Wish me luck!
We are so grateful for the blessings we have received this year and look forward to all the adventures 2009 has to offer!
Dean, Wende, Chase, Cole, Cameron & Chloe