Saturday, February 7, 2009

Catching up with myself!

I just checked my own blog because I couldn't remember what it looked like. Did I still have my christmas background up? Oh yeah...Cameron's lost tooth. OK, so at least we weren't stuck in December, but we're pretty behind anyway.

I have been introduced to facebook & I loooove it. I have gotten back in touch with lots of old friends. You should all join! You'll be surprised at how many people you find from days past!

I have started teaching a basic dental assisting course at ISU through Workforce Training. Ironically, I have never been a dental assistant and my assisting skills are mediocre at best, but they picked me to teach the class. So I am working alot on the computer to get the lessons ready to go. I have so much respect for teachers. I never thought about all the prep time that goes into teaching a class.

Chase & Cole are knee-deep in basketball seasons. Both of their teams are doing well despite the Leavitt family's lack of significant athletic ability!

Cameron is taking swimming lessons & looking forward to soccer in the fall.

Chloe is a maniac! She will be two on the 24th. I can't believe it! I still remember waddling to the hospital to have her (big as a stinkin' house!). I looove my little girl. Did I mention I am dooooone having kids? i thought I may have forgotten to mention it!

Dean is busy in R&D for his Venezuelan toy. He now has a wood lathe, numerous drill bits, etc, as well as the goops needed to make molds and reproduce things in plastic. Really.

So I am also busy training to run a half marathon. My friend Cindy and I ran 7 miles this morning. Last Saturday we went 8.5. We are feeling good about being ready for 13.1 by May 16th. I am excited that Johanna & Jen (my sisters in law) have decided to join us in Ogden for the 5K. Apparently the half marathon is full, but there might be room in the other races if anyone want to sign up!!????!!!!

My camera has been sitting in the corner for weeks. There are so many cute things going on here, I promise to charge it up & start shooting again! Bye for now!


D/M C said...

Busy woman! Take care of yourself too!

Joe & Meg said...

Dental assisting?! Call me, just MIGHT be able to give you some tips! Your family is beautiful... I, too, love the wonder that is Facebook, but nothing compares to these blogs. Glad you have one, too!
I just washed the beautiful quilt you gave me in preparation for the arrival of our latest! It's already in his cradle!